About Me

Hi, I’m Prarthana. This blog is all about my PNW home and garden. I spent the last 5 years trying to grow something on my “previously gravel pit” land. I am passionate about creating beautiful spaces indoors as well as outdoors using mostly recycled or thrifted products.

Creating things feeds my soul. The act of seeing something grow fills me with joy, the feel of wind (and rain since I live in the PNW) on my face relaxes me, using my limbs and body to move and create is a pleasure for me. Being in the garden started with the physical acts of gardening. But soon it took a root in my soul, it changed the way I see the world. I learnt to see the seasons change, and the way the web of the natural world is woven together. I learnt that there are many more things beyond our control than within it. I see the joy in sowing seeds (real and metaphorical) and watching them grow.

I am so excited to share my garden and home with you!