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  • Garden Design with Hosta
    Hosta’s are beautiful. The various textures, colors of the foliage is marvelous! And hence, they are by themselves are able to provide a unique visual interest. The first hosta I grew was given to me… More
  • Letting the dreams blossom
    Flowers that are growing in 2022 It has been a strange gardening season this year. The spring and early summer has been so mild and very very wet. Slugs and snails have been having a… More
  • The Amaryllis – getting them to bloom again!
    Happy New Year to all. Wishing everyone peace, love and a joyful 2022. No other flower heralds the holiday season as much as the Amaryllis. I am not ashamed to admit that I have a… More
  • DIY Holiday Swag
    A simple piece of decor can jazz up any doors or walls and make it festive and all ready for the holidays. I usually make wreaths for the holiday season but this year I wanted… More
  • DIY Dried Hydrangea Wreath
    I collect hydrangea flower heads and dry them at the end of the season each year. I display them as bouquets or make wreaths out of them. I created a short video to demonstrate how… More